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Soprano soloist.  Possibly a student of the Viennese capellmeister Giuseppe Bonno, Teyber made her debut at the newly-formed Nationalsingspiel in 1778. She was a member of the Italian opera company from 1783-1785, at the Burgtheater, and of the German opera company from 1785-1791, at the Kärntnertortheater.

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Therese Teyber, Silhouette, Vienna c1785 (Vienna, Austrian National Library

Mozart Relevance

Teyber created the role of Blondchen in Mozart’s Die Entführung aus dem Serail K384 (1782) and Mozart intended a part for her in his unfinished opera Lo sposo deluso K430 (c1783). She sang the aria ‘Parto, m’affretto’ from Lucio Silla K135 at Mozart’s 23 March 1783 Burgtheater concert and the next month Mozart performed a concerto [K415] at Teyber’s Burgtheater concert, in the presence of Joseph II, writing to his father on 12 April:

  1. You will have seen from my last letter that I was to play at another concert, that is, at Mlle Teiber’s. The Emperor was there too. I played my first concerto which I played at my concert. I was asked to repeat the rondo. So I sat down again. But instead of repeating it I had the conductor’s rostrum removed and played alone. You should have heard how delighted the public were with this little surprise. They not only clapped and shouted ‘bravo’ and ‘bravissimo’. The Emperor too stayed to hear me to the and as soon as I left the piano, he left his box.

Date 1
1760-10-15 Vienna
Date 2
1830-04-15 Vienna