Mozart &
Material Culture


In a sense, the biography of Mozart stands apart from the main structure of the publication, while the chapters themselves document the site’s information and argument. The Entities provide supplementary information and references relevant to what is presented in the chapters. The left-hand menu remains in view throughout, and the reader can choose a new chapter or sub-section at any time. There are also ‘breadcrumbs’ at the top of each screen so the reader always knows the context of the current screen, and ‘next’ and ‘previous’ buttons at the foot of each screen. 

Each chapter consists of an Introduction and sub-sections. These can be read sequentially, by means of the ‘next’ links at the end of each sub-section, or selectively, by clicking on a particular sub-section name in the left-hand menu. Within the body of a sub-section, there are numerous links to entities referred to. These links are indicated by underlined text. Clicking on such a link will take the reader to the supplementary material in the Entities section of the site. The reader can return to her or his starting point by using the browser’s back button. The Source entity is used for primary sources (the most significant of which are the letters written by members of the Mozart family). The Bibliography entity is used for secondary source material. 

The Entities section can be accessed independently of the Chapters. On the Home page, the left-hand menu contains an Entities heading. By clicking on this and selecting one of the entity types which appear in the drop-down menu, readers can scroll through to browse entities of any particular type. 

The site can also be searched at any time by means of the Search function, which always appears as the last option in the left-hand menu. The search function allows readers to look for any word, searching both the Chapters and the Entities, with the results appearing in the main window. 

There are a few links to videos on YouTube and one to a recording held in SoundCloud.  After listening, you will need to use the Back button on your browser to return to where you were.  (Please note that when you link to YouTube you may have to endure a minute or two of advertising.  Usually after a short while you are given the option to Skip Ad.)