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Attr. Martin Knoller, ?Mozart, unsigned miniature on ivory, possibly c1773. Location: Salzburg, Mozart-Museums

The dating of this portrait to c1773 derives from a letter of 2 July 1819 (MBA, iv.455-457) in which Nannerl Mozart describes the commissioning of a portrait from Barbara Krafft, among the models for which she offered an image of Wolfgang done when he was 16: Deutsch (Mozart und seine Welt in zeitgeössischen Bildern, 298), suggests that this image and the Knoller-attributed miniature may be identical. An 1862 catalogue of the Mozarteum archive, however, describes the miniature as dating from 1769 (Moyes, Systematischer). In a letter of 17 February 1770, Leopold responds to a question of Nannerl's which suggests Knoller may have been known to the Mozarts even before the first trip to Italy (beginning December 1769). If so, and considering that Leopold and Wolfgang met Knoller during their stays in Milan in 1770 and 1773, the miniature, if authentic and correctly attributed, could date from about this time.

The Knoller portrait is also included in the Mozart Portraits theme.