Mozart &
Material Culture


6 Variations on ‘Salve tu, Domine’ from Giovanni Paisiello, I filosofi immaginari oder Gli astrologhi for keyboard. Mozart’s autograph is lost; the work was published by the Viennese firm Artaria in August 1786.

Paisiello’s Italian drama giocoso I filosofi immaginari (text by Giovanni Bertati) was first given at the Hermitage, St Petersburg on 3/14 February 1779; a German-language version, Die eingebildeten Philosophen, was performed at the Burgtheater, Vienna, on 22 May 1781. Mozart played — probably improvised — variations on ‘Salve tu, Domine’, from act I of Paisiello’s opera, at his 23 March 1783 Burgtheater concert, which may not correspond in many details with the version published three years later, by Artaria in 1786.