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Military man and entrepreneur. An officer in the Austrian army, Deym von Střítež fled the country following a duel, returning to Vienna in 1780 where in 1789 he opened an art galley under the name Müller, exhibiting wax portraits and plaster copies of classical art works. Initially based in the Kohlmarkt, the Müller'sche Kunstgalerie moved to the Stock-im-Eisen-Platz in 1790 or 1791; at the same time Deym erected a mausoleum in honour of Field Marshall Ernst Gideon von Laudon in the Himmelpfortgasse. Deym's gallery returned to the Kohlmarkt in 1795 and finally, in 1798, to a specially constructed building (Müller’sches Gebäude) on the Rotenturmstrasse.

F. Sager, Müller’sches Gebäude (watercolour, Wienmuseum Inv. No. 70925)

F. Sager, Müller’sches Gebäude (watercolour, Wienmuseum Inv. No. 70925)

Mozart Relevance

Deym advertised his Laudon mausoleum in the Wiener Zeitung on 26 March 1791:

  1. Herr Müller, who has become generally known through his art collection on the Stockameisenplatz, No. 610, first floor, opened on the 23rd of March the Mausoleum erected by him, which he has at great expense built in memory of the unforgettable and world-famous Field Marshal Baron von Loudon, in the Himmelpfortgasse over against the Mint, in the house of Herr Gerl, master-builder (no. 1355). Here this remarkable monument may be seen in a setting especially designed for it on the ground floor, splendidly illuminated from 8 o’clock in the morning until 10 o’clock at night, access to which is by the large door at the top of the third flight of the main staircase. The distributed advertisements as well as the posters have given some description of it, but since it is impossible to describe the whole with sufficient vividness, the sight of it will not fail to surprise every one who visits this mausoleum and thereby renews the memory of this great and meritorious man. Herr Müller has caused it to be engraved in copper, and illuminated prints will shortly be available at the entrance. The seats are arranged in the best possible way, and each person pays 1 fl. for a first place and 30 kr. for a second. Upon the stroke of each hour a Funeral Musique will be heard, and will be different every week. This week the composition is by Herr Kapellmeister Mozart.
Das zum Andenken des grossen Feldmarschals Freyheren Gideon Ernest V. Loudon (engraving, Vienna 1791)

Das zum Andenken des grossen Feldmarschals Freyheren Gideon Ernest V. Loudon (engraving, Vienna 1791)

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1752, Wognitz
Date 2
1804, Prague
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