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Artist. Stock specialized in portraiture and was known in particular for her silverpoint etchings.


Anton Graff (attr.), Portrait of an artist, possibly Doris Stock, n.d. (privately owned

Mozart Relevance

Mozart may have met Stock during his visit to Dresden in 1789, at which time she is said to have executed a silverpoint portrait of him.

Date 1
1760-03-06, Nürnberg
Date 2
1832-03-30, Berlin
Bibliographic Reference
Linda Siegel (1993). Dora Stock, portrait painter of the Körner circle in Dresden (1785–1815). Lewiston, NY, 1993) // Christian Gries, 'Johanna Dorothea Stock. Marginalien zu einem Mozart-Porträt', Acta Mozartiana 36/4 (1989), 81-89