Mozart &
Material Culture


Nobleman, secretary at the embassy of the Grand Duke of Tuscany at Vienna 1744-1752 and ambassador to the Holy See 1752-1774. 

Mozart Relevance

Saint-Odîle had received a (now lost) letter of recommendation for the Mozarts from Gian Luca Pallavicini. He also wrote on the Mozarts’ behalf, on 21 April, to Giuseppe Bonechi, Tuscan ambassador to Naples:

  1. Your Excellency, To Sig. Leopoldo Mozart and his son, who have been introduced to me by the most valued letter whereby Your Excellency has recommended them to me, I have proffered my best services, and I shall certainly not fail to do all that may depend on me to assist them during their stay in the capital.

  2. Last night I heard young Mozart at the house of Prince Chigi; he is truly a prodigy of nature, all those present at the conversazione immensely admiring his excellence in music. I beg Your Excellency to give me preference in the execution of your most valued commands on any other occasion whatever, that I may have the advantage ever more actively to prove to you the most perfect devotion with which I have the honour to be Your Excellency's / Most devoted and most obliged Servant, / Saint-Odile / Rome, 21 April

Date 1
1715, Blamont
Date 2
1775, Aix-en-Provence