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French banker, founder of Banque Meuricoffre & Cie. at Naples in 1760.

Mozart Relevance

It is possible the Mozarts first met Meuricoffre during their stay in Lyon in 1766. Even before visiting Vesuvius, Leopold Mozart had received from Meuricoffre a collection of Vesuvius lava, as he wrote from Naples on 9 June 1770:

  1. [I] have also received from Herr Meuricoffre a fine collection of Vesuvius lava - not the kind of lava that anyone can easily get hold of, but choice pieces with a description of the minerals that they contain and that are rare and hard to come by.

Date 1
1740, Lyon
Date 2
1816, Naples
Date (Mozart)
Location (Mozart)
Bibliographic Reference
Basso 2006, 611

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