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Musician and composer. Like Leopold Mozart, Eberlin studied at the Jesuit St Salvator Gymnasium in Augsburg. He was appointed Salzburg court organist in 1727 and promoted to court and cathedral Kapellmeister in 1749, a post he held until his death in 1762. The majority of his works were written for the church. 

Mozart Relevance

A friend of the Mozart family and colleague of Leopold Mozart (and possibly a mentor), Eberlin collaborated with Leopold Mozart on Der Morgen und der Abend den Inwohnern der Hochfürstl. Residenz=Stadt Salzburg melodisch und harmonisch angekündigt (Augsburg, 1759), a series of twelve pieces representing the twelve months of the year and performed by the carillon at the Salzburg fortress. Numbers 1, 4, 8, 11 and 12 by Ernst Eberlin; the others are by Leopold Mozart. Some of Eberlin’s church music was copied by Mozart or Leopold, presumably for study purposes, including masses, a Requiem, and other shorter works; see Eisen 2010, 165-174 and K6, 755-756 and 765-768. 

Date 1
1702, Jettingen
Date 2
1762, Salzburg
Bibliographic Reference
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