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Prestigious Viennese Masonic lodge, headed by scientist Ignaz von Born, sometimes thought to be the model for Sarastro in Die Zauberflöte K620. The figure at the bottom right was at one time thought to be Mozart.

Anon, Masonic Lodge c1782 (Vienna, Wienmuseum)

Anon, Masonic Lodge c1782 (Vienna, Wienmuseum)

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Though nominally a member of the lodge ‘Zur Wohltätigkeit’ (‘Beneficence’), to which Mozart was first admitted as an apprentice on 14 December 1784, advancing to journeyman on 7 January 1785 and master shortly afterwards, Mozart also attended meetings at other lodges, among them  ‘Zur wahren Eintracht’ (‘True Concord’). The Masonic Funeral Music K477 was performed in memory of Georg August zu Mecklenburg and Count Franz Esterházy von Galántha at 'True Concord' in November 1785.

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