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Politician, law professor at the University of Pisa 1726-1736, then in the service of the Carlo di Borbone in Parma. With Carlo's accession as King of Naples, Tanucci relocated to Naples where he was minister of justice from 1752, later minister of foreign affairs and, as Leopold Mozart described him, ‘prime minister’. He was married to Ricciarda Catanti (?-after 1785).

Anon, Portrait of Bernardo Tanucci, c1760-1770.jpg

Anon, Portrait of Bernardo Tanucci, c1760-1770

Mozart Relevance

Mozart performed for Tanucci on 18 and 20 May. On 22 May, Leopold wrote to his wife:

  1. Yesterday the Marchesa Tanucci, the wife of the prime minister, sent round her steward to inform me that the latter was at my disposal to drive us everywhere and show us all the sights of Naples. This is a mark of distinction that amazes everyone, as this minister is really the king here and is held in the highest regard.

Date 1
1698-11-20, Stia
Date 2
1783-04-29, Naples
Bibliographic Reference
Basso, I Mozart in Italia, 519, 661