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Salzburg spice merchant, close friend of the Mozart family and de facto banker to the Mozarts during their tour of western Europe, 1763-1766. In addition to Johann Lorenz Hagenauer and his wife, Maria Theresia, several other members of the Hagenauer family are frequently mentioned in the Mozart family correspondence, including Ignaz Joachim (1749-1824), who ran the family business in Trieste from at least 1779, and Kajetan Rupert (1746-1811), who in 1765 professed at St Peter’s as P. Dominicus and in 1786 was elected Abbot there.

Rosa Barducci-Hagenauer,  portrait of Johann Lorenz Hagenauer, eighteenth century

Rosa Barducci-Hagenauer, portrait of Johann Lorenz Hagenauer, eighteenth century

Mozart Relevance

Leopold Mozart may have met Hagenauer as early as the late 1730s. From 1747-1773 the Mozarts rented an apartment from him at Getreidegasse 9. And when the Mozarts traveled, especially during the 1760s, Hagenauer provided them with loans and allowed them to make use of his mercantile credit network. From 1762-1768, Leopold corresponded extensively with Hagenauer and his wife. One work by Mozart has a direct connection to the Hagenauers: the so-called Dominicus mass K66, written to celebrate the first mass celebrated by the Hagenauer’s son Kajetan Rupert (1746-1811) on 15 October 1769.

Date 1
1712, Salzburg
Date 2
1792, Salzburg
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Bibliographic Reference
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