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Elector Palatine 1583-1610.

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Mannheim, a village in the Palatine not far from Heidelberg with a population in the mid-1560s of under a thousand, received a city patent in 1607 from Elector Friedrich IV, a year after he had laid the foundation for the Friedrichsburg fortress there. Constructed on a grid pattern — and possibly the first European city built in this fashion — Mannheim became the capital of the Palatine in 1720 when Elector Karl Philipp moved his court there from Heidelberg.

Royalty: Elector Palatine
Date 1
1574, Amberg
Date 2
1610, Heidelberg
Date (Mozart)
1763, 1777-1778, 1790
Location (Mozart)
Bibliographic Reference
Fuchs, 1961