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Artist, architect and cousin of the Mozarts' Salzburg landlord, Johann Lorenz Hagenauer. He married the Italian portraitist and wax modeller Maria Rosa Barducci (Florence, 1744–Vienna, 18 June 1786) on 26 November 1764; her works included a portrait Mozart's mother, Anna Maria Mozart that was probably executed about 1775 and that Mozart tried to recover from Barducci shortly after his arrival in Vienna in 1781.

Rosa Barducci, Johann Baptist Hagenauer, c1770 (SMCA).jpg

Rosa Barducci, Johann Baptist Hagenauer, c1770 (SMCA)


family friend, artist, architect
Date 1
1732-06-22, Salzburg
Date 2
1811-09-10, Vienna
Date (Mozart)
Location (Mozart)
Bibliographic Reference
SML, 154-160; Barth, ‘Die Hagenauers. Ein Salzburger Bürgergeschlect aus Ainring’; Schuler, Mozarts Salzburger Freunde und Bekannte, 28-30